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השירים של שון פול | Sean Paul best songs

Deport Them

"Stage One"

שוחרר באפריל 2000

1. "Mental Prelude"
2. "She Want It"
3. "Infiltrate"
4. "Nicky" (skit) (FT. Mr. Vegas) 
5. "Haffi Get De Gal Ya (Hot Gal Today)"
6. "Real Man"
7. "Dutty Techniques" (skit)
8. "Check It Deeply"
9. "Mek It Go So Den"
10. "Examples of Things Not To Do In Bed"
11. "Deport Them"

12. "Tiger Bone" (FT. Mr. Vegas)

13. "Faded"

14. "Definite"
15. "Shineface" (skit)
16. "Disrespect"
17. "Sound the Alarm" (FT. Looga Man)
18. "Uptowners" (skit) 
19. "No Bligh"

20. "Slap Trap"
21. "Strategy"

22. "A Word From the Hon. Minister" (skit)
23. "Next Generation"
24. "You Must Loose"
25. "Outro" (performed by Jigzagula)
26. "Haffi Get De Gal Ya (Hot Gal Today) 

שיתופי פעולה באלבומים חיצוניים (הלהיט Baby Boy נמצא בעמוד של ביונסה)

Busta Rhymes - Make It Clap

Blu Cantrell - Breathe

Baby Blue Soundcrew - Money Jane

"Dutty Rock"

שוחרר בנובמבר 2002

1. Dutty Rock Intro
2. Shout (Street Respect)
3. Gimme the Light
4. Like Glue
5. Get Busy
6. Top of the Game (FT. Rahzel)
7. Police Skit

8. Ganja Breed (FT. Chico)
9. Concrete 
10. I'm Still in Love with You (FT. Sasha)

11. International Affair (FT. Debi Nova)
12. Can You Do the Work (FT. Ce'Cile) 
13. Punkie
14. My Name
15. Jukin' Punny
16. Uptown Haters Skit
17. Gimme the Light (Remix) (FT. Busta Rhymes)
18. Bubble (FT. Fahrenheit)
19. Shake That Thing
20. Esa Loca (FT. Tony Touch & R.O.B.B.)
21. It's On
22. Punkie (Español)

Gimme The Light

Like Glue

Get Busy

I'm Still in Love with You (FT. Sasha)

We Be Burnin'

"The Trinity"

שוחרר באוקטובר 2005

1. "Fire Links" (Introduction)
2. "Head in the Zone"
3. "We Be Burnin'"
4. "Send It On"
5. "Ever Blazin'"
6. "Eye Deh a Mi Knee"
7. "Give It Up to Me"
8. "Yardie Bone" (FT. Wayne Marshall)
9. "Never Gonna Be the Same"
10. "I'll Take You There" 

11. "Temperature"

Ever Blazin'

12. "Breakout"
13. "Head to Toe"
14. "Connection" (FT. Nina Sky)
15. "Straight Up"
16. "All on Me" (FT. Tami Chynn) 
17. "Change the Game" (FT. Looga Man, Kid Kurup) 
18. "The Trinity"

מהדורת בונוס יפנית:

19. "Feel Alright" 
20. "Cry Baby Cry" (FT.
Joss Stone, Carlos Santana)
21. "Break It Off" (FT.

Cry Baby Cry

Never Gonna Be the Same

Give It Up to Me

"Imperial Blaze"

שוחרר באוגוסט 2009

1. "Intro: Chi Ching Ching"
2. "Lace It"
3. "So Fine" 
4. "Now That I've Got Your Love"
5. "Birthday Suit"
6. "Press It Up"
7. "Evening Ride"
8. "Hold My Hand" (FT. Keri Hilson)
9. "She Want Me"
10. "Daddy's Home"

So Fine

Press It Up

11. "Bruk Out"

12. "Pepperpot"
13. "Wine Baby Wine"
14. "Running Out of Time"
15. "Don't Tease Me"
16. "Lately" 
17. "She Wanna Be Down"
18. "Straight from My Heart"
19. "Private Party"
20. "I Know U Like It"

בונוס אייטונס:

21. "Agarra Mi Mano
22. "So Fine" (קליפ)

Hold My Hand

1. "Got 2 Luv U" (FT. Alexis Jordan)
2. "She Doesn't Mind"
3. "Body"
4. "What I Want"
5. "Won't Stop (Turn Me Out)"
6. "Dream Girl"
7. "Hold On"

8. "How Deep Is Your Love" (FT. Kelly Rowland)

9. "Put It on You"

10. "Roll wid di Don"
11. "Touch The Sky" (FT. DJ Ammo)
12. "Wedding Crashers" (FT. Future Fambo)
13. "Waya Waya" (Tal Feat. Sean Paul)

Got 2 Luv U

She Doesn't Mind

"Tomahawk Technique"

שוחרר בינואר 2012

Touch The Sky

Dream Girl (Remix FT. lecca)

How Deep Is Your Love

Other Side of Love

"Full Frequency"

שוחרר בפברואר 2014

1."Riot" (FT. Damian Marley)   
2. "Entertainment 2.0" (FT. Juicy J, 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj)  
3. "Pornstar" (FT. Nyla, Brick and Lace)
4. "Want Dem All" (FT. Konshens)
5. "Hey Baby"
6. "Wickedest Style" (FT. Iggy Azalea)

7. "Dangerous Ground" (FT. Prince Royce)
8. "It's Your Life"

9. "Take It Low" 

10. "Anyday"
11. "Lights On" 
12. "Legacy" 
13. "Other Side of Love"   
14. "Turn It Up"

Turn It Up

Want Dem All

- שידורי הרצה במתכונת חדשה -

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