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רדיו מוסיכיף 69FM - פלייליסט (L)

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

"...Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane
Choose your last wordsThis is the last time
'Cause you and I,
We were born to die..."

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Leann Rimes - Life Goes On

"...Ooohhhh life goes on
And it's only gonna make me strong 
It's a fact 
Once you get on board 
Say Good-bye 
Cuz you can't go back..."

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Lemar - Dance (With U)

"...I just wanna dance with you
I just wanna roll with you
I just wanna be the one who really
gets to know you 
I don't care and I don't mind
I will spend the whole of my time..."

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Leonard Cohen - Suzanne

"...Now Suzanne takes your hand
and she leads you to the river
 And you want to travel with her
And you know she will trust you
For you've touched her perfect body
with your mind..."

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Locnville - Sun In My Pocket

"...I've got the sun in my pocket
and the moon in hands
I throw it up amongst the stars
and watch it move in a dance
Sometimes I stop and
play it over again..."

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the Lumineers - Ho Hey

"...(Ho!) I don't think you're right for him.
(Hey!) Look at what it might have been
(Ho!) took a bus to China Town
(Hey!) I'd be standing on Canal
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart..."

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