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השירים של בריטני ספירס | Britney Spears best songs

"...Baby One More Time"

שוחרר בינואר 1999

1. "...Baby One More Time"
2. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" 
3. "Sometimes"
4. "Soda Pop" (FT. Mikey Bassie)
5. "Born to Make You Happy"
6. "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" 
8. "I Will Still Love You" (duet with Don Philip)
10. "E-Mail My Heart"
11. "The Beat Goes On"

עטיפת האלבום האלטרנטיבית
Born to Make You Happy
From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
 ...Baby One More Time
(You Drive Me) Crazy

"Oops!... I Did It Again"

שוחרר במאי 2000

1. "Oops!... I Did It Again"
2. "Stronger"
3. "Don't Go Knockin' on My Door"
4. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
5. "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know"
6. "What U See (Is What U Get)"

7. "Lucky"
8. "One Kiss from You"
9. "Where Are You Now"
10. "Can't Make You Love Me"
11. "When Your Eyes Say It"
12. "Dear Diary"

Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know
Oops!... I Did It Again


שוחרר בנובמבר 2001

1. "I'm a Slave 4 U"
2. "Overprotected" 
3. "Lonely"
4. "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"
5. "Boys"
6. "Anticipating"

7. "I Love Rock 'n' Roll"
8. "Cinderella"
9. "Let Me Be"
10. "Bombastic Love"
11. "That's Where You Take Me"
12. "What It's Like to Be Me"

I'm a Slave 4 U
I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman
I Love Rock 'n' Roll

"In the Zone"

שוחרר בנובמבר 2003

1. "Me Against the Music" (FT. Madonna)
2. "(I Got That) Boom Boom" (FT. Ying Yang Twins)
3. "Showdown"
4. "Breathe on Me"
5. "Early Mornin'" 
6. "Toxic"
7. "Outrageous"

8. "Touch of My Hand"
9. "The Hook Up" 

Me Against the Music

10. "Shadow"  
11. "Brave New Girl"  
12. "Everytime"
13. "Me Against the Music" (FT. Madonna) (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix)

מהדורת בונוס בינלאומית:

14. "The Answer"

15. "Don't Hang Up"



שוחרר באוקטובר 2007

1. "Gimme More"
2. "Piece of Me"
3. "Radar"
4. "Break the Ice"
5. "Heaven on Earth"
6. "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)"
7. "Freakshow"
8. "Toy Soldier"

9. "Hot as Ice"
10. "Ooh Ooh Baby"
11. "Perfect Lover"
12. "Why Should I Be Sad"

בונוס אייטונס:

13. "Get Back"
14. "Gimme More" (Junkie XL Dub)
15. "Everybody"

Gimme More
Piece of Me
Break the Ice


שוחרר בדצמבר 2008

1. "Womanizer"
2. "Circus"
3. "Out from Under"
4. "Kill the Lights"
5. "Shattered Glass"
6. "If U Seek Amy"
7. "Unusual You"
8. "Blur"
9. "Mmm Papi"
10. "Mannequin"


If U Seek Amy

11. "Lace and Leather"
12. "My Baby"    
13. "Radar" (bonus track)



"Femme Fatale"

שוחרר במרץ 2011

1. "Till the World Ends"
2. "Hold It Against Me"
3. "Inside Out"
4. "I Wanna Go"
5. "How I Roll"
6. "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" (FT. Sabi)
7. "Seal It with a Kiss" 
8. "Big Fat Bass" (FT.
9. "Trouble for Me"
10. "Trip to Your Heart"

Till the World Ends

I Wanna Go

11. "Gasoline"
12. "Criminal"

Hold It Against Me


"Britney Jean"

שוחרר בדצמבר 2013

1. "Alien"
2. "Work Bitch"
3. "Perfume"
4. "It Should Be Easy" (FT.
5. "Tik Tik Boom" (FT. T.I.)
6. "Body Ache"
7. "Til It's Gone"
8. "Passenger"
9. "Chillin' With You" (FT. Jamie Lynn)
10. "Don't Cry"

Work Bitch


בונוס מהדורת דלוקס + מזרח אסיה:


11. "Brightest Morning Star"
12. "Hold on Tight"
13. "Now That I Found You"
14. "Perfume" (The Dreaming Mix)
15. "Work Bitch" (The Jane Doze Remix)
16. "Work Bitch" (7th Heaven Remix)


שוחרר באוגוסט 2016

1. "Invitation"
2. "Do You Wanna Come Over?" 
3. "Make Me..." (FT. G-Eazy)
4. "Private Show"
5. "Man on the Moon"
6. "Just Luv Me"
7. "Clumsy"
8. "Slumber Party"
9. "Just like Me"
10. "Love Me Down"

11. "Hard to Forget Ya"
12. "What You Need"

שירי בונוס למהדורות השונות:

13. "Better"
14. "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)"
15. "Liar"
16. "If I'm Dancing"
17. "Coupure Électrique"

Make Me...

Slumber Party

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