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השירים של ההוזיירס | The Hoosiers best songs

"The Trick to Life"

שוחרר באוקטובר 2007

1. "Worried About Ray"
2. "Worst Case Scenario" 
3. "Run Rabbit Run"
4. "Goodbye Mr A"
5. "A Sadness Runs Through Him"
6. "Clinging on for Life" 
7. "Cops and Robbers"
8. "Everything Goes Dark" 
9. "Killer" 
10. "The Trick to Life"
11. "Money to Be Made"

12. "The Feeling You Get When" (Hidden track)

שירי בונוס למהדורת אייטונס:

13. "Rules" 
14. "Worried About Ray (Stripped Live)"​

Worst Case Scenario
Goodbye Mr A
Cops and Robbers
Worried About Ray

"The Illusion of Safety"

שוחרר באוגוסט 2010

1. "Choices" 
2. "Bumpy Ride" 
3. "Who Said Anything (About Falling in Love)?" 
4. "Unlikely Hero" 
5. "Lovers in My Head" 

6. "Live by the Ocean" 

7. "Devil's in the Detail" 
8. "Glorious"  
9. "Made To Measure" 

10. "Giddy Up"  
11. "Sarajevo" 
12. "Little Brutes"

Bumpy Ride
Unlikely Hero (I Like Everybody)

"The News From Nowhere"

שוחרר באפריל 2014

1. "Somewhere In The Distance" 
2. "Make Or Break (You Gotta Know)" 
3. "My Last Fight" 
4. "Fidget Brain" 
5. "Handsome Girls And Pretty Boys" 
6. "The News From Nowhere" 
7. "Rocket Star" 
8. "To The Lions" 
9. "Upset" 
10. "Weirdo" 

11. "Impossible Boy" 
12. "Nathan's Loft (Hidden Track)" 

Somewhere in the Distance

- שידורי הרצה במתכונת חדשה -

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