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להקת הפילינג | The Feeling best songs

Never Be Lonely

"Twelve Stops and Home"

שוחרר ביוני 2006

1. "I Want You Now" 

2. "Never Be Lonely"

3. "Fill My Little World"

4. "Kettle's On"

5. "Sewn"

6. "Anyone"

7. "Strange" 

8. "Love It When You Call" 

9. "Rosé"

10. "Same Old Stuff"

11. "Helicopter"  
12. "Blue Piccadilly"

Love It When You Call
Fill My Little World

"Join with Us"

שוחרר בפברואר 2008


  1. "I Thought It Was Over"

  2. "Without You"

  3. "Join with Us"

  4. "Spare Me"

  5. "Turn It Up" 

  6. "I Did It for Everyone" 

  7. "Won't Go Away"

  8. "Loneliness"

  9. "Connor"

  10. "This Time"

Without You
Turn It Up

11. "Don't Make Me Sad

12. "The Greatest Show on Earth"
13. "We Can Dance" (hidden track)

I Thought It Was Over
Join with Us

"Together We Were Made"

שוחרר ביוני 2011

  1. "Set My World on Fire" 

  2. "Dance for the Lights"

  3. "Another Soldier"

  4. "Leave Me Out of It" (FT. Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

  5. "Build a Home"

  6. "Searched Every Corner" 

  7. "A Hundred Sinners (Come and Get It)"

  8. "Mr Grin" 

  9. "Say No"

  10. "Back Where I Came From"

11. "Another Life"
12."Love and Care"
14."Safety Dance"

Set My World on Fire

"Boy Cried Wolf"

שוחרר באוקטובר 2013

1. "Blue Murder" 
2. "Anchor" 
3. "Rescue" 
4. "Fall Like Rain" 
5. "A Lost Home" 
6. "Hides In Your Heart" 
7. "The Gloves Are Off" 
8. "You'll See"
9. "Empty Restaurant" 
10. "When I Look Above"
11. "I Just Do"

Blue Murder
Fall Like Rain

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