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רדיו מוסיכיף 69FM - פלייליסט (K)

Kane - No Surrender

"...Tonight's the night
Time to leave the pressure behind
I don't know why
I guess it's just amatter of time

There's no surrender..."

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Kansas - Dust In The Wind

"...Now, Don't hang on 
Nothing lasts forever but
the earth and sky, It slips away 
And all your money won't another
minute buy, Dust in the wind 
All we are is dust in the wind..."

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Kasabian - L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)

"...I'm on it, get on it
The troops are on fire!
Ahhh, oh come on!
We got our backs to the wall!
Get on! And watch out!
Sayin, "Yer gonna kill us all!..."

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Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up

"...Don't give up 'cos you have friends
Don't give up you're not beaten yet
I know you can make it good
you still have us. Don't give up
'cause somewhere there's a place
where we belong..."

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Keane - Bedshaped

"...Don't laugh at me, Don't look away
You'll follow me back with the sun in your
eyes, And on your own Bed shaped
You'll knock on my door and up we'll go
In white light I don't think so
But what do I know, I know..."

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The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

"...Save some face, you know only got one
Boy, one day you'll be a man
Oh girl, he'll help you understand
Dreams aren't what they used to be
Some things slide by so carelessly 
Smile like you mean it..."

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King - Love And Pride

"...That's what my heart

yearns for now
love and pride
I'm taking it round the world
 some love and pride..."

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KMC  FT. Sandy - Get Better (Radio Edit)

"...The time of my life, Is gonna get better 
The future for us, Is gonna get better
Cuz you turn me on 
And out of control 
I just wanna get better 
Everything is gonna get better..."

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Kylie Minogue - Chocolate

"...Like chocolate
come here
Zoom in 
catch the smile
There's no doubt it's from you
And I'm addicted to it now..."

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