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השירים של פט שופ בויז | Pet Shop Boys best songs


שוחרר במרץ 1986

1. "Two Divided by Zero"
2. "West End Girls"
3. "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)"
4. "Love Comes Quickly"
5. "Suburbia"
6. "Opportunities (Reprise)"
7. "Tonight Is Forever"
8. "Violence"
9. "I Want a Lover"

10. "Later Tonight"
12. "Why Don't We Live Together?" 

Love Comes Quickly

West End Girls

Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)


צד א'

1. "One More Chance"
2. "What Have I Done to Deserve This?"

(FT. Dusty Springfield)
3. "Shopping"
4. "Rent"
5. "Hit Music"

צד ב'

1. "It Couldn't Happen Here"
2. "It's a Sin"
3. "I Want to Wake Up" 
4. "Heart"
5. "King's Cross"


שוחרר בספטמבר 1987

It's a Sin


What Have I Done to Deserve This?



שוחרר באוקטובר 1988

1. "Left to My Own Devices"
2. "I Want a Dog"
3. "Domino Dancing"
4. "I'm Not Scared"
5. "Always on My Mind/In My House"
6. "It's Alright"

זו אינה עטיפת האלבום אלא עטיפת הסינגל Left to My Own Devices

"Further Listening 1988–1989"

(שירי בונוס ודמואים)


1."I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)"
2. "Don Juan" (demo)
3. "Domino Dancing" (demo)
4. "Domino Dancing" (alternative version)
5. "The Sound of the Atom Splitting"
6. "What Keeps Mankind Alive?"
7. "Don Juan" (disco mix)
8. "Losing My Mind" (disco mix)
9. "Nothing Has Been Proved" (demo for Dusty)
10. "So Sorry, I Said" (demo for Liza)
11. "Left to My Own Devices" (7" mix)
12. "It's Alright" (10" version)
13. "One of the Crowd"
14. "It's Alright" (7" version)
15. "Your Funny Uncle"

Left to My Own Devices

It's Alright

Always on My Mind

Domino Dancing


שוחרר באוקטובר 1990

1. "Being Boring"
2. "This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave"
3. "To Face the Truth"
4. "How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?"
5. "Only the Wind"
6. "My October Symphony"
7. "So Hard"
8. "Nervously"

So Hard

9. "The End of the World"
10. "Jealousy" 


Being Boring

How Can You Expect

To Be Taken Seriously?


שוחרר באוקטובר 1993

1."Can You Forgive Her?"
2. "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing"
3. "Liberation"
4. "A Different Point of View"
5. "Dreaming of the Queen"
6. "Yesterday, When I Was Mad"
7. "The Theatre"
8. "One and One Make Five"
9. "To Speak Is a Sin"

10. "Young Offender"
11. "One in a Million"
12. "Go West" 


זו אינה עטיפת האלבום אלא עטיפת הסינגל Liberation

I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

Can You Forgive Her?

Yesterday, When I Was Mad

Go West

11. "To Step Aside"
12. "Saturday Night Forever"


שוחרר בספטמבר 1996

1. "Discoteca"
2. "Single"
3. "Metamorphosis"
4. "Electricity"
5. "Se a vida é (That's the Way Life Is)"
6. "It Always Comes as a Surprise"
7. "A Red Letter Day"
8. "Up Against It"
9. "The Survivors"
10. "Before"




A Red Letter Day

Se a vida é (That's the Way Life Is)

9. "Boy Strange"
10. "In Denial" (FT. Kylie Minogue) 
11. "New York City Boy"
12. "Footsteps"


שוחרר באוקטובר 1999

1. "For Your Own Good" 
2. "Closer to Heaven"
3. "I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More"
4. "Happiness Is an Option"
5. "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk"
6. "Vampires"
7. "Radiophonic"
8. "The Only One"

You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More

New York City Boy

דיסק בונוס מהדורה אמריקאית:

1. "Home and Dry" (Ambient mix)
2. "Sexy Northerner"
3. "Always"
4. "Closer to Heaven" (Slow version)
5. "Nightlife"
6. "Friendly Fire" (Studio version)
7. "Break 4 Love" (UK radio mix) (FT. Peter Rauhofer)
8. "Home and Dry" (Blank & Jones mix) 


שוחרר באפריל 2002

1."Home and Dry"
2. "I Get Along"
3. "Birthday Boy"
4. "London"
5. "E-Mail"
6. "The Samurai in Autumn"
7. "Love Is a Catastrophe"
8. "Here"
9. "The Night I Fell in Love"
10. "You Choose"

Home and Dry

I Get Along


10. "Twentieth Century"

11. "Indefinite Leave to Remain"
12. "Integral"


שוחרר במאי 2006

1. "Psychological"
2. "The Sodom and Gomorrah Show"
3. "I Made My Excuses and Left"
4. "Minimal"
5. "Numb"
6. "God Willing"
7. "Luna Park"
8. "I'm with Stupid"
9. "Casanova in Hell"

I'm with Stupid

זו אינה עטיפת האלבום אלא עטיפת הסינגל Numb





שוחרר במרץ 2009

1."Love Etc."
2. "All Over the World"
3. "Beautiful People"
4. "Did You See Me Coming?"
5. "Vulnerable"
6. "More Than a Dream"
7. "Building a Wall"
8. "King of Rome"
9. "Pandemonium"

10. "The Way It Used to Be"
11. "Legacy"

Love Etc.

Did You See Me Coming?

All Over the World

11. "Everything Means Something"
12. "Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin"

בונוס אייטונס:

13. "Elysium Track by Track" (with David Walliams)
14. "Winner" (קליפ)
15. "Invisible" (קליפ)


שוחרר בספטמבר 2012

1. "Leaving"
2. "Invisible"
3. "Winner"
4. "Your Early Stuff"
5. "A Face Like That"
6. "Breathing Space"
7. "Ego Music"
8. "Hold On"
9. "Give It a Go"
10. "Memory of the Future"




שוחרר ביולי 2013

1. "Axis"
2. "Bolshy" 
3. "Love Is a Bourgeois Construct"
4. "Fluorescent"
5. "Inside a Dream"
6. "The Last to Die"
7. "Shouting in the Evening"
8. "Thursday" (FT. Example)
9. "Vocal"





שוחרר באפריל 2016

1. "Happiness"
2. "The Pop Kids"
3. "Twenty-something"
4. "Groovy"
5. "The Dictator Decides"
6. "Pazzo!"
7. "Inner Sanctum"
8. "Undertow"
9. "Sad Robot World"
10. "Say It to Me"

11. "Burn"
12. "Into Thin Air"


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