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השירים של סלין דיון | Celine Dion best songs

מתחילים מהאלבום הראשון של סלין דיון בשפה האנגלית Unison שיצא ב- 1990, עד אז היא כבר הוציאה 14 אלבומים בצרפתית.

(If There Was) Any Other Way


שוחרר באפריל 1990

1. "(If There Was) Any Other Way"
2. "If Love Is Out of the Question"
3. "Where Does My Heart Beat Now"
4. "The Last to Know" 
5. "I'm Loving Every Moment with You" 
6. "Love by Another Name"
7. "Unison" 
8. "I Feel Too Much"
9. "If We Could Start Over" 
10. "Have a Heart"  

The Last to Know
Where Does My Heart Beat Now
Des mots qui sonnent

"Dion chante Plamondon"

("דיון שרה פלמודון")

שוחרר בנובמבר 1991

8. "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)"
9. "Quelqu'un que j'aime, quelqu'un qui m'aime" 
10. "Les uns contre les autres"
11. "Oxygène"
12. "L'amour existe encore"  

1. "Des mots qui sonnent" 
2. "Le monde est stone"
3. "J'ai besoin d'un chum"
4. "Le fils de Superman"
5. "Je danse dans ma tête"
6. "Le blues du businessman"

7. "Piaf chanterait du rock" 

L'amour existe encore
Nothing Broken but My Heart

"Celine Dion"

שוחרר באפריל 1992

1. "Introduction"
2. "Love Can Move Mountains"
3. "Show Some Emotion"
4. "If You Asked Me To"
5. "If You Could See Me Now"
6. "Halfway to Heaven" 
7. "Did You Give Enough Love"

8. "If I Were You" 
9. "Beauty and the Beast" (FT. Peabo Bryson)
10. "I Love You, Goodbye"
11. "Little Bit of Love" 
12. "Water from the Moon"
13. "With This Tear"
14. "Nothing Broken but My Heart" 

If You Asked Me To
Love Can Move Mountains
When I Fall in Love

"The Colour of My Love"

שוחרר בנובמבר 1993

1. "The Power of Love" 
2. "Misled" 
3. "Think Twice" 
4. "Only One Road"
5. "Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down" 
6. "Next Plane Out"
7. "Real Emotion" 

8. "When I Fall in Love" (FT. Clive Griffin)

9. "Love Doesn't Ask Why" 
10. "Refuse to Dance" 
11. "I Remember L.A."
12. "No Living Without Loving You" 
13. "Lovin' Proof" 

14. "Just Walk Away" 
15. "The Colour of My Love"

Think Twice
The Power of Love
Only One Road
Next Plane Out


שוחרר באפריל 1995

1. "Pour que tu m'aimes encore"
2. "Le ballet" 
3. "Regarde-moi"
4. "Je sais pas" 
5. "La mémoire d'Abraham"
6. "Cherche encore"
7. "Destin"

8. "Les derniers seront les premiers" 
9. "J'irai où tu iras" (FT. Jean-Jacques Goldman)

10. "J'attendais" 
11. "Prière païenne"
12. "Vole"

Pour que tu m'aimes encore
Je sais pas

All by Myself

קאבר של דיון ללהיט מ- 1976 

"Falling into You"

שוחרר במרץ 1996

1. "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" 
2. "Because You Loved Me" 
3. "Falling into You" 
4. "Make You Happy"
5. "Seduces Me"
6. "All by Myself" 
7. "Declaration of Love"
8. "Dreamin' of You"
9. "I Love You" 
10. "If That's What It Takes" 

11. "I Don't Know" 
12. "River Deep, Mountain High"

13. "Call the Man"
14. "Fly"

המקור של אריק קרמן All By MySelf
Falling into You
Because You Loved Me

It's All Coming Back to Me Now

"Let's Talk About Love"

שוחרר בנובמבר 1997

1. "The Reason" 
2. "Immortality" (with the Bee Gees)
3. "Treat Her Like a Lady" (FT. Diana King and Brownstone)
4. "Why Oh Why" 
5. "Love Is on the Way" 
6. "Tell Him" (FT.  Barbra Streisand)
7. "Where Is the Love" 
8. "When I Need You" 
9. "Miles to Go (Before I Sleep)"

10. "Us" 
11. "Just a Little Bit of Love"

12. "My Heart Will Go On"

13. "I Hate You Then I Love You" (FT.  Luciano Pavarotti)
14. "To Love You More" 
15. "Let's Talk About Love" 

The Last to Know
My Heart Will Go On
מתוך פסקול הסרט "טיטאניק" בכיכובם של ליאונרדו דיקפריו וקייט וינסלט

1. "Je crois toi"
2. "Zora sourit" 
3. "On ne change pas" 
4. "Je chanterai"
5. "Terre"

6. "En attendant ses pas"
7. "Papillon" 

8. "L'abandon"
9. "Dans un autre monde"
10. "Sur le même bateau"

11. "Tous les blues sont écrits pour toi"
12. "S'il suffisait d'aimer" 

"S'il suffisait d'aimer"

("אם האהבה הייתה מספיקה")

שוחרר בספטמבר 1998

Zora sourit
On ne change pas

"These Are Special Times"

שוחרר בנובמבר 1998

1. "O Holy Night" 
2. "Don't Save It All for Christmas Day" 
3. "Blue Christmas" 
4. "Another Year Has Gone By"
5. "The Magic of Christmas Day (God Bless Us Everyone)"
6. "Ave Maria" 
7. "Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful)" 
8. "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)"
9. "The Prayer" (FT. Andrea Bocelli)
10. "Brahms' Lullaby"

11. "Christmas Eve" 

12. "These Are the Special Times"
13. "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" 
14. "I'm Your Angel" (FT. R. Kelly)
15. "Feliz Navidad" 
16. "Les cloches du hameau" 

I'm Your Angel

That's the Way It Is

אחד הלהיטים הגדולים של סלין דיון הוא כסינגל מתוך אוסף הלהיטים

All the Way... A Decade of Song שיצא בנובמבר 1999.

"A New Day Has Come"

שוחרר במרץ 2002

1. "I'm Alive" 
2. "Right in Front of You" 
3. "Have You Ever Been in Love"
4. "Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)"
5. "A New Day Has Come" (Radio Remix)
6. "Ten Days" 
7. "Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)" 
8. "Prayer" 
9. "I Surrender"
10. "At Last" 
11. "Super Love"
12. "Sorry for Love" 
13. "Aun Existe Amor"

14. "The Greatest Reward"
15. "When the Wrong One Loves You Right"
16. "A New Day Has Come"
17. "Nature Boy" 

Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)
A New Day Has Come

I'm Alive

"One Heart"

שוחרר במרץ 2003

1. "I Drove All Night"
2. "Love Is All We Need"
3. "Faith"
4. "In His Touch"
5. "One Heart"
6. "Stand by Your Side"
7. "Naked"
8. "Sorry For Love" (2003 Version)
9. "Have You Ever Been in Love" 
10. "Reveal"

11. "Coulda Woulda Shoulda"

12. "Forget Me Not"
13. "I Know What Love Is"

14. "Je t'aime encore"  

Have You Ever Been in Love
One Heart
I Drove All Night
Tout l'or des hommes

"1 fille & 4 types"

("בחורה אחת & 4 בחורים")

שוחרר באוקטובר 2003

1. "Tout l'or des hommes"
2. "Apprends-moi" 
3. "Le vol d'un ange" 
4. "Ne bouge pas" 
5. "Tu nages"
6. "Et je t'aime encore" 
7. "Retiens-moi"

8. "Je lui dirai" 
9. "Mon homme" 
10. "Rien n'est vraiment fini" 

11. "Contre nature"

12. "Des milliers de baisers" 
13. "Valse adieu" (hidden track)

Contre nature
Et s'il n'en restait qu'une


שוחרר במאי 2007

1. "Et s'il n'en restait qu'une (je serais celle-là)"
2. "Immensité"
3. "A cause"
4. "Je cherche l'ombre"
5. "Les paradis"
6. "La diva"

7. "Femme comme chacune" 

8. "Si j'étais quelqu'un"

9. "Je ne suis pas celle" 
10. "Le temps qui compte" 
11. "Lettre de George Sand à Alfred de Musset" 

12. "On s'est aimé à cause"  
13. "Berceuse"


"Taking Chances"

שוחרר בנובמבר 2007

1. "Taking Chances" 
2. "Alone" 
3. "Eyes on Me"
4. "My Love" 
5. "Shadow of Love"
6. "Surprise Surprise"
7. "This Time"
8. "New Dawn" 
9. "A Song for You" 
10. "A World to Believe In" 
11. "Can't Fight the Feelin'"

12. "I Got Nothin' Left" 
13. "Right Next to the Right One"

14. "Fade Away"

15. "That's Just the Woman in Me"

16. "Skies of L.A."

Eyes On Me

Taking Chances

ביצוע הלהיט של הארט מ-1987

Parler à mon père

"Sans attendre"

("מבלי לחכות")

שוחרר בנובמבר 2012

1. "Parler à mon père" 
2. "Le miracle" 
3. "Qui peut vivre sans amour?" 
4. "L'amour peut prendre froid" (FT. Johnny Hallyday)
5. "Attendre"  
6. "Une chance qu'on s'a" (FT. Jean-Pierre Ferland)
7. "La mer et l'enfant"
8. "Moi quand je pleure"

9. "Celle qui m'a tout appris"

10. "Je n'ai pas besoin d'amour"

11. "Si je n'ai rien de toi" 

12. "Que toi au monde" 

13. "Tant de temps" (FT. Henri Salvador)

14. "Les petits pieds de Léa"

מהדורת דלוקס:

15. "Ne me quitte pas" 

16. "Les jours comme ça"  

Le miracle
Qui peut vivre sans amour?

10. "Thankful"

11. "At Seventeen"

"Loved Me Back to Life"

שוחרר בנובמבר 2013

1. "Loved Me Back to Life"

2. "Somebody Loves Somebody"

3. "Incredible" (FT. Ne-Yo)

4. "Water and a Flame"
(קאבר לדניאל מריוות'ר ו

5. "Breakaway" 

6. "Save Your Soul" 

7. "Didn't Know Love" 

8. "Thank You"

9. "Overjoyed" (FT. Stevie Wonder)

12. "Always Be Your Girl" 

13. "Unfinished Songs" 


בונוס מהדורת דלוקס:

14. "How Do You Keep the Music Playing"  

15. "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)" 

בונוס מהדורה יפנית:

16. "Open Arms"  

- שידורי הרצה במתכונת חדשה -

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